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2021-11-25 10:12:10 By : Ms. kerry Li

Teradek's RT Single Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit and Lens Mapping License Bundle are priced at US$2,499.95. This is basically 50% lower than the normal retail price of $4.999.

I reviewed the Terdek RT FIZ system a few years ago, and you can read the review here.

CTRL.1 CTRL.1 is a single-axis handheld controller for precise wireless lens control. As part of the Teradek RT ecosystem, CTRL.1 allows focus, aperture or zoom control, is compatible with all Teradek RT motors and receivers, and will work simultaneously with other RT units that control other axes on the same lens.

CTRL.1 introduces low-latency information overlay to display lens data on SmallHD monitors. Lens mapping and overlay is an upgrade that can be added at any time at an additional price. Provide metric and imperial units.

MDR-M MDR-M is a 2-axis receiver for focus, iris and/or zoom, with an operating range of up to 5000 feet. Its ultra-light design allows it to be seamlessly installed in any camera setup, and the built-in 2.4 GHz FHSS radio can cope with the most demanding RF conditions. The MDR-M receiver also has direct integration with RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras for controlling the EF/AF lens/aperture through the camera's internal motor, shutter, ISO, button functions (2x magnification, edge, focus assist).

MK3.1 Motor Teradek RT MK3.1 brushless motor runs smoothly and quietly, with high torque, suitable for the most demanding modern film workflows. The motor has interchangeable gears and can be mounted on either side of the motor, and the height-adjustable 15mm and 19mm pole brackets can be seamlessly mounted on any camera system.

Lens mapping CTRL.1 introduces a built-in lens mapping, allowing automatic calibration of the lens to the pre-marked focus ring, and access to the configuration at any time by pressing a button. The pre-marked ring covers multiple lenses, saving time for manual calibration after each lens change.

SmallHD Overlays CTRL.3 and CTRL.1 have the world's first camera data overlay function on SmallHD monitors running OS3. Obtain key follow focus information directly on the monitor, including lens focal length, focal length, aperture, zoom, etc.

Ring measurement inch size 1x pre-marked focus ring – 10” minimum focus 1x pre-marked focus ring – 20” minimum focus 1x pre-marked focus ring – 3’6” minimum focus 1x pre-marked focus ring – 6’ minimum focus 1x pre-marked focus ring – 10' minimum focus 1x pre-marked aperture ring – f1-f32

Metric 1 x pre-marked focus ring-0.25m minimum focus 1 x pre-marked focus ring-0.5m minimum focus 1 x pre-marked focus ring-1m minimum focus 1 x pre-marked focus ring-2m minimum focus 1 x pre-marked focus ring -3m minimum focus 1 x pre-marked aperture ring-f1-f32

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