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2021-11-25 10:11:17 By : Ms. Grace Xu

Amazon saved some money on high-end Garmin smartwatches before Black Friday.

Written by Stan Horaczek | Published 3:47 PM, November 22, 2021

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States, which means that Black Friday sales have taken effect in full. You can read about our broader coverage of Black Friday deals here, but now Amazon has some particularly attractive deals on Garmin smartwatches, including some of its high-end models.

The following is a brief overview of the products currently on sale.

Garmin is currently one of the most affordable smart watches on the market, this GPS-enabled wearable device can survive 100 meters underwater. It has all the fitness tracking features you would expect, as well as solar charging through its face.

In addition to the typical Garmin Instinct features, the tactical version also includes military-oriented options, such as Jumpmaster mode for exiting the aircraft, and a blackout mode for quieting its internal antennas to prevent detection.

This surfing-only version of Instinct can track the number of waves you surf, the distance traveled, and even your maximum speed on the surfboard.

This high-end Garmin smartwatch has advanced fitness tracking features, such as pace guidance, which can help the wearer stay energized during long hours of exercise and competition. The built-in navigation system integrates maps from the global navigation system and more than 2,000 ski resorts around the world. According to usage, its internal battery can be used for up to 21 days on a single charge, and the face is charged by solar energy.

The most beautiful model on sale offers all the features of the 6X, but upgrades the lens to ultra-tough sapphire, which is more resistant to scratches and other damage than any other product on the list.

These advanced smart watches are designed for serious athletes, are solar powered and provide advanced exercise tracking features, including surfing capabilities. The Adapt 2.0 widget allows you to understand how your body is recovering after exercise so that you can determine when to rest.

This is the highest-end model in today's transaction. It offers all the features that come with the basic model Fenix ​​6, but the upgraded sapphire crystal improves its durability.

One of the best values ​​on the list is not as fancy as its more expensive siblings, but it offers advanced exercise tracking and longer battery life. If you don’t need solar charging or a super sturdy construction, it’s a great deal.

The screen is a bit smaller than the 6 and 6 Pro, but it still offers very reliable specifications. It can measure heart rate, pulse and sleep. In addition, in smart watch mode, a single charge can provide up to 9 days of battery life.

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