Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses

Parameter:production namebiconvex lensmaterialOptical glass k9/f5surface quality60/40diameter tolerance+/-0.0-0.1mmdiameter28mm/customfocal length100mm/customthickness tolerance+/-0.01mmcoatingar coatedapplicationoptical equipmentProduction descraptionAchromatic lens can be used as collimators, 

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Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses

production namebiconvex lens
materialOptical glass k9/f5
surface quality60/40
diameter tolerance+/-0.0-0.1mm
focal length100mm/custom
thickness tolerance+/-0.01mm
coatingar coated
applicationoptical equipment

Production descraption

Achromatic lens can be used as collimators, focusing lenses or light collectors. 

They are designed to eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations and perform well for all paraxial imaging tasks. 

These lenses are coated with single layer antireflection coating to reduce surface  losses  in the visible regions. 

Achromatic lenses are widely used today in achromatic telescopes, microscopes, and photographic lenses.

Our main products are prisms including triangular prisms,penta prisms,roof prisms.
Lens such as plano convex,plano concave,biconvex,biconcave.
All this products are have kinds of sizes and we can customized cemented lens according to the drawing and sample
A wide range of focal lengths and diameters are available. 

Please ask for sizes and focal lengths required as we can supply a wide selection of Optical glued lens


production detail

packing and delivering

Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses

Packaging & Delivery.

Packaging Details: 
Inner packing-------special protective packing for optical products. 
Outer packing------carton, Shock absorption material and bubble wrap 

Delivery Time
Delivery: Generally, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, Shunfeng, etc. 

Please note it before delivery. Transit time deponds on the express and destination. 

By the way, we would re-check all the details before delivery.

our company
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses


Located in Henan,a becutiful city in China,nanyang city jingliang optical technology co., ltd  has become one of China'S leading manufacturers of optical component,optical assemblies,lens assemblies

Founded in 1999,we have a strong and steady growth that has lead us to today's staff of over 1300 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators,mechanical engineers ,process engineers ,optical engineers and coating designers

Our manufacturing capabilities consist of all type of custom manufactured lens,like plano convex lens ,biconvex lens,plano concave lens,biconcave lens,achromaticl lens,cylindrical lens,spherical lens and aspherical lens

beamsplitter like beamsplitter plate,cube beamsplitter and other beamsplitter,prism,like right angle prisms,penta prisms,corner cube prism,dove prism,reflective prism,dispersion prism,anamorphic prism .coatings,optical system

,the products are widely used in non-contact inspection,medical,automation,precision instrument,automotive,micro-measuring systems,surveying equipment,Security,CCTV,and Machine Vision

Sales have been global since the first year in operation.Europe,North America,Japan,and Korea are most of the current customers base areas we supply .Dependable quality,delivery ,and competitive pricing has partnerd us with many well establish world famous enterprises

Our factory owns facility of 10000 square meters in nanyang which is included a 2000 square meters clean room for our coating center ,metrology lab,lens assembly and special fabrication needs.

We always pay highest attention on product quality and production capacity,Our advanced equipment include spherical milling machines,CNC plano milling machines,Precision polishing machines,high speed polishing machine ,CNC Profiling machines,coating machine and ultrasonic cleaning lines

Quality is first and always the keys to our success,we also have most advanced metrology instrument,spherical lens measurement system,prism angle measure system,with theses advanced instrument ,we acquire the ISO9001 ,CE International certificate

As a company ,we are commited to growth and development .our cooperative relationship with local universities and research center,university,optical technology research institute ,enhances our engineering and R&D techniques .With the concept of strict management,continuous innovation,continuous improvement,customer satisfation,our company is committed to deliver customers with quality products,on-time delivery ,competitive pricing .we focuses on producing high precision optical components.the goal at our company is to be your first choice of partner supplier of optical components
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses
Optical Glass Ar Optical Lens for Camera Lenses


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