Revolutionary eyewear manufacturer ThinOptics uses the Clarity kit to eliminate the guesswork in reading glasses

2021-11-25 10:26:30 By : Ms. Fairy Zhang

The pioneering vision solution provides a clear way for consumers to choose the right glasses at the first time.

Sonoma, California, November 11, 2021/PRNewswire/ - There was a time when consumers would go to a pharmacy to find the right reading glasses, but couldn't determine which one would suit them best. Today, many people still face this dilemma in stores and online, often not making decisions at all to avoid trouble or fear of making the wrong decision. This has become history. As of today, thanks to ThinOptics' Clarity kit, people who need a little help to see better can meet their eyewear needs in the first place.

Since ThinOptics launched its first ultra-thin reading glasses in 2015, they have been disrupting the US and global eyewear industry worth US$4 billion. With their patented groundbreaking technology, they help people with presbyopia (age-related vision loss) with quality, style, and convenience.

The ThinOptics engineering team is not satisfied with the status quo, but continues to develop new innovations to provide powerful vision solutions to eager customers around the world.

Earlier this year, a survey conducted by the company revealed that many people abandon their shopping carts on their website because they are not sure what strength reading glasses they need. These insights are critical to helping ThinOptics determine the need for a product with unparalleled convenience that makes it easier for people to determine which strength reading glasses can help them see more clearly.

Clarity Kit allows customers to test ThinOptics glasses in the comfort of their homes, giving them the opportunity to try different glasses of different strengths-eliminating the hassle of buying and returning multiple pairs of reading glasses at once until they find the right glasses.

ThinOptics also eliminates the hassle of returns with the Clarity kit. Each pair of reading glasses has its own sleeve and a coupon with a QR code attached. We encourage customers to find the right pair for their eyes, and then give the remaining pair to friends, colleagues or family. Then, the recipient can scan the QR code to get the discount for the first purchase.

Therefore, ThinOptics has completely changed the way people buy reading glasses.

Consumers can start buying their Clarity Kit reading glasses here-

Explore the limited time opportunity to become an investor in ThinOptics-

About ThinOptics ThinOptics reading glasses were born in Silicon Valley and are made of medical device materials, such as super-elastic memory metal alloys for heart stents, and ultra-thin, bullet-proof and strong polycarbonate lenses. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology creates consistently high-quality and affordable products. When not in use, ThinOptics’ ultra-durable reading glasses are housed in one of several compact housings (with the same tiny footprint), and their size is perfect for connecting to your mobile phone, laptop, TV remote control or any flat, non-porous surface. ThinOptics reading glasses are not gadgets; they are a revolutionary new vision platform. The company's engineering team is constantly developing new innovations to provide powerful visual solutions to a growing customer base.

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